Through `If We Could` Casilian is telling a heart-rending story about wonder, doubt and growth. Using their strong yet beautiful harmonies, Casilian substantiates feelings everyone can relate to.The song has a powerful buildup that drags the listener into an experience to remember. `If We Could` will leave you feeling empowered, and ready to take the […]

MAKING OF The riff for Adventurous Heart came to me on a sunny day in Bergen a few years ago. I was trying to play Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, when suddenly – through making mistakes – it came to life.I remember having this feeling of real excitement – I had found a […]

Words of the Wise is a song about the lifelong search for oneself and the importance of not relying solely on other’s words, be it through books or videos. It is about the importance of letting life and silence teach us what we need to learn and let mystery be a companion of this never-ending […]

As most of the world’s population, we – CASILIAN found ourselves in an unexpected situation due to the lock downs. All the planned concerts that were supposed to promote our newly released single Shower of Light were suddenly cancelled.With a lot of time on our hands and nowhere to go, we decided to get to work on […]

SHOWER OF LIGHT opens the wave of the Casilian style and is about how solutions often are right before our eyes, but our fixation on problems tend to make it harder for us to see them. It is a song about dropping the problem to reveal its solution.