Life is greater than we think, especially once we understand the power we hold in deciding how to go through it.

ADVENTUROUS HEART is about discovering a new world within ourselves, daring to explore life’s every corner with courage and open mindedness.



The riff for Adventurous Heart came to me on a sunny day in Bergen a few years ago. I was trying to play Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, when suddenly – through making mistakes – it came to life.
I remember having this feeling of real excitement – I had found a new melody that really “talked” to me.

Vocals came a few weeks later. I wrote the second part of the song shortly after reading about conflicts in Syria, which made me quite upset. I was playing guitar while reading about it and the sentence “Give love a chance to make a change in your life” just appeared, so I sang it and it resonated with me.
Same evening, before going to sleep, I was playing around with melodies on the riff that I had found a few weeks earlier. The moon was lighting my bedroom and, for some reason, I thought of “The Little Prince”. From there – the song came out in one-go, I finished it the same evening and just sat there playing it over and over again.
It felt so right to have written it. Adventurous Heart. : )

The day after I recorded the first draft of it on my computer. It had a very reggae sound back then, but quite similar to what it turned out to be today. The acoustic sound with bits of the electric guitar was kept until the very final version.
I challenged myself to find the right harmonies, with a goal to lift up the whole song – which they did.
I showed the demo to Mikael and Liene, thinking that they would probably find it ridiculous, but it turned out to be quite the opposite – they loved it.
The rest is history.

We still love the song, even after playing it for some years. It feels like we are one, when singing it. Our voices melt together and become this one powerful instrument.
Ever since we started performing it, the responses have been wonderful. So it was time to release it officially into this world.

Adventurous Heart is a song that will always stay close to my heart.
Now, hopefully, it will find its place in other`s as well.

– Lucas

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