Words of the Wise is a song about the lifelong search for oneself and the importance of not relying solely on other’s words, be it through books or videos. It is about the importance of letting life and silence teach us what we need to learn and let mystery be a companion of this never-ending journey.

The music video was inspired by a quote from a person we all admire Jordan B. Peterson, “Clean your room before criticizing the world” from his book 12 rules of Life, where he states that to be able to go out and fix the world, one should start with one’s own room. 

The thought was to have a character sitting in his apartment, pondering life. Then, after an epiphany, he decides to start cleaning, or should we say let others do it for him, while he turns washing “moves” into a dance. One might think that this is a comment on the way a lot of social media approach self-improvement, by mimicking what they’ve read or heard without having truly gone through the work themselves. But then again, it might just be a bunch of people in mini shorts dancing and cleaning their apartment, you decide. 

The music video is filmed and edited by Vegar Moe Nilsen a talented filmmaker from Bergen whom we met only a few months prior to the shoot. A part of the CASILIAN charm is to wait with making videos until the very last moment, we firmly believe that it’s in the fire of despair that magic is created (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves, it sounds better than procrastinating).
A funny little anecdote about our first business meeting with Vegard; After having heard the idea, he like it and told us “I’ll do it, but I cannot deliver the product sooner than in two months” to which we answered “Perfect! We need it in three weeks!” and the rest is history!

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