As most of the world’s population, we – CASILIAN found ourselves in an unexpected situation due to the lock downs. All the planned concerts that were supposed to promote our newly released single Shower of Light were suddenly cancelled.
With a lot of time on our hands and nowhere to go, we decided to get to work on the music-video for the aforementioned single. Liene, having a background as an illustrator and graphic-designer, started animating on a video the band had filmed a few weeks prior to the lock-down.
We hope this music video, filled with references from movies/books and personalities we all know and love, would brighten the moods of the ones watching it.
Characters, such as David Bowie and Harry Potter, make their appearances in this video, a little wink to a time of joy and a reminder to remain strong even in difficult times because, like everything else, they too will pass.

Animation/edit: Liene Drubina
Edit: Mikael B.Roussel
Video: Bjarte Hoff Ludvigsen

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